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BRAVE Series Fast Landing Craft
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The BRAVE series Fast Landing Craft is a series of high speed shallow draft vessels designed to offer both high speed and varied payload unmatched by ordinary landing craft. These vessels can be deployed as multi-purpose utility vessels to operate in very shallow coastal and riverine areas, and can be retracted fully laden on typical sandy shores or unprepared shorelines. The proprietary air lubricated hull form, constructed entirely in marine grade aluminium, allows them to achieve high speed even when fully laden. Maneuverability, coupled with large clear deck space, enables the BRAVE series to carry passengers, cargo and lighterage duties or wheeled/tracked vehicle(s) of up to 150 tonnes. The waterjet-propelled BRAVE series is complementary to ST Marine's ENDURANCE Series of Landing Platform Dock (LPD). Notably, our BRAVE-4T and 18T were instrumental in transporting personnel and heavy equipment between our ENDURANCE-141 LPD and shore during the 2004 Tsunami disaster relief operations.

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