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BRONCO All Terrain Tracked Carrier
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Designed with an unprecedented payload of up to 5 tonnes, the BRONCO All Terrain Tracked Carrier has been built to meet the deployment needs of the battlefield. The BRONCO’s very low ground pressure enables it to traverse a wide range of terrain – snow, swamp, sand and inland water – thus vastly expanding the types of operations it can undertake. With its high payload, the BRONCO can be fitted with increased armour for protection against mine and IED threats, increasing its survivability in hostile environments. With many variants catering to different types of missions, the BRONCO is also very useful in humanitarian relief operations as it can gain access to areas not reachable by normal vehicles.

Bronco New-Gen

With a lower curb weight than the Warthog, the Bronco New-Gen can take on higher add-on protection and payloads. Being lighter, it is capable of swimming and traversing water obstacles effortlessly at higher STANAG level protection. With a completely re-engineered chassis to maximise the crew’s operating space, it has the largest capacity in the Bronco family, accommodating crew and passengers of different body size comfortably, giving superior MMI and protection. The Bronco New-Gen’s V-shaped hull effectively deflects under belly blasts while contributing to a stiffer chassis for better all-round protection.


The Warthog is a highly protected variant of the Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier customised for the UK Ministry of Defence. A highly mobile twin-cabin vehicle, the Warthog is fully capable of achieving mission objectives across challenging terrain, including soft ground, snow, desert, swamps and inland waters. With an unsurpassed payload of six metrics tonnes and a large usable internal volume of 13 cubic metres, the Warthog offers immense flexibility for configuration into numerous variants. It is battle-proven, and has demonstrated outstanding performance, reliability and versatility, while protecting troops against mine and IED threats in a challenging environment.



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