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SAR 21 Assault Rifle
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The SAR 21 ranks among the world's most advanced assault rifles. The built-in 1.5 x optical scope and laser-aiming device enhances its accuracy, making it the ideal weapon for quick target engagement. The bullpup design allows for easy operation in tight space situations, while its low recoil and patented features enable better control during firing and greater protection for its firers. The SAR21 is a highly versatile instrument and its modular construction is highly adaptable for a wide range of operational requirements. The SAR21 GL and M203 variants, attached with either a 40mm Grenade Launcher or M203, add 40mm grenade-launch capability to the assault rifle, expanding the war fighter’s reach and firepower. Capable of being customised to suit different operational scenarios, the SAR21 Modular Mounting System Carbine allows mounting of a wide variety of add-on tactical accessories to its 2 sets of Picatinny Rails. The SAR21 Light Weight Carbine, with its ultra-short barrel and shorter handguards, is a lightweight and compact variant that is easy to use and lethal in tight spaces.





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