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Soldier Systems

In today’s world, soldiers operate in a highly complex and digitised battlefield. Fighting forces require smart combat solutions that provide superior protection and longer-lasting energy supply for extended mission endurance and improved situational awareness.

Soldier of the Future

In our quest to optimise the capabilities of the future soldier, the ARIELE (Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment) uses the latest technologies and advanced materials to provide maximum comfort, protection, mobility to enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of modern warfighter. The ARIELE Soldier System addresses the challenges of warfighters on the modern battlefield with four key sub-systems.

  1. Clothing & Protection Equipment
  • Superior weight reduction with advanced materials
  • Ergonomic design based on Human Factors Engineering Analysis
  • Market leading performance in thermal and evaporative Resistance

  1. Power & Energy Management
  • Integrated system for wireless charging, power management and supply
  • Highest density fuel cell system for longest endurance
  • Market leading efficiency for all-orientation wireless charging
  • Complete power and data management system for intuitive interface with soldier devices

  1. Sensors & Individual Equipment
  • Seamless interface to Power & Energy Management System
  • Multiple integrated sensors for situational awareness
  • World's lightest and most compact Augmented Reality C2 system for the battlefield
  • Most advanced lightweight personal cooling system

  1. Medtech & Human Augmentation
  • A breakthrough solution for real-time condition monitoring and alert system
  • Integrated data analytics for training improvement and mission profiling
  • Lightweight and passive exoskeleton system for load reduction and performance enhancement


Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment (ARIELE™)
Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment (ARIELE)


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