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In physical training, competitive athletes or trainees are routinely pushed to the limits of their physical abilities to improve their performance. However, overtraining can develop and late identification of overtraining symptoms often lead to performance deterioration, increasing the susceptibility to fatigue and injury.

At ST Engineering, we take pride in designing an intelligent solution to improve the lives of ourselves and our loved ones. This is why we developed bioSenSe™ - a digitalised condition monitoring solution. Integrating our validated precise wearable systems with our proprietary biotelemetry engine to provide personalised physiological insights, it enables early detection and containment of illnesses due to virus infection, optimises training performance while minimising risk of injuries. In all, bioSense not only safeguards your well-being, it also helps to avoid injuries and optimise training outcomes. 

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bioSenSe Wellness

Features & Benefits:

  • Real time multiple-user tracking and detecting physiological red flags in daily lives or operations.
  • Notification alert and geolocation feature for intervention and immediate response to at risk personnel


bioSenSe Training

Features & Benefits:

  • Physiological and contextual based data-driven training system for effective training planning and prevent overtraining
  • AI-derived personalised training recommendations to drive performance
  • Progressive machine learning based on users’ physiology patterns to optimise their capabilities.