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Repair & Conversion

ST Engineering's Marine sector is a premier turnkey provider for shipbuilding, repair & conversion services for a wide spectrum of naval and commercial vessels. Our design and engineering capabilities offer niche and sustainable solutions to our customers. From concept definition, basic design, detailed and production engineering, to construction, systems installation & integration, testing & commissioning, we provide a full range of services. These include integrated logistics engineering and through-life support analysis. We have also an established reputation in delivery on-time, every time, for ship repair and ship conversion services for worldwide clientele. We undertake sophisticated conversions such as the jumboisation of vessels for new purposes.

To leverage on large scale engineering expertise and with increasing global demand for innovative green solutions, STSE Engineering Services Pte Ltd (STSE Engineering) was incorporated in 2008 to offer environmental engineering solutions in the areas of water treatment and solid waste management.

We work together with customers, partners and associates as ‘Your Trusted Partner’ to deliver innovative products and cost effective services in a win-win manner. 

A New Lease of Life

A deep expertise in shipbuilding has enabled us to maintain, repair and convert ships that require technically sophisticated know-how. For naval customers, we offer a total solution that includes specialised services such as conversion, retrofitting to upgrading in various platforms to the local and international navies.

For commercial, we have exceeded expectations in services such as jumboisation, conversion, refurbishment, reactivation and upgrading for a wide spectrum of vessels. These include seismic vessels, dredgers, chemical tankers, FPSO, offshore supply vessels and pipe layers.

Repair & Conversion

  • Naval Repair & Conversion

    Working closely with naval customers, we have delivered specialised services such as weapons upgrades, engine servicing and mid-life conversions of vessels. Our work in these areas include the upgrading of capabilities for COCO vessels and the overhaul of high-speed diesel engines. Our deep knowledge and experience in submarine maintenance also set us apart from the competition.

  • Commercial Repair & Conversion

    We have taken on the work of repairing as well as converting existing vessels for new users. In recent years, these include the conversion of a fishing trawler to a seismic research vessel, with the addition of two sponsons, and installation of a new hangar deck and helideck. Other highlights include the lengthening of a trailing suction hopper dredger and a livestock carrier to boost capacity.


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