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Digitisation and Managed Services

Empowering Digital Transformation

Many organisations face mounting pressures arising from today’s disruptive digital economy, but may lack the internal technical expertise and resources to transform their business. Many are turning to lean and agile solutions to increase their operational efficiencies and focus on what matters most.

From deploying optimal cloud computing platforms and services to the designing and management of data centres backed by our suite of IT Service Management through our One Contact Centre, we can customise to your organisational needs and help enhance your IT infrastructure, storage and business operations. We have a proven track record of helping organisations optimise their energy savings and cost efficiencies to meet their business continuity needs and generate growth.

What We Do

Cloud Computing Platform and Services

From cloud adoption to migration management, data protection to security compliance & audit through DevOps practices, as well as e cloud lifecycle management, we take on a customer-centric and inter-operations approach to co-create your digital transformational journey with our expertise in design and agile execution.

Our portfolio of cloud services, both project-based & managed services, is designed to enable you to take the full advantage of cloud and server-less computing.

  • Cloud Adoption and Migration Services
  • Cloud Native Software Development Services
  • Data Platform Modernisation and Analytics Services
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Implementation and Management

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Data Centre Solutions

We have honed our expertise in the design, build, implementation, maintenance and management of critical environment operations. A vanguard of technology, we have been applying our expertise and services to projects of varying complexities, supporting our clients across different market segments. More than ever, data centres have become the most critical asset of any organisation in reaction to the competitive realities of a global economy. We recognise that our evolving data centre design solutions must retain the resilience, redundancy and energy efficiency to transform our clients’ business operation。 

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One Contact Centre

One Contact Centre provides modernised IT Service Management (ITSM) for customers to view data streams in real-time and obtain valuable insights into operational demand and delivery. Our key services include:

  • Omni-channel Support which enables users to access support services through multiple channels
  • Automated IT Service Operations which send alerts and route jobs for seamless follow-ups
  • Live Dashboards & Data which deploy real-time data to enhance service awareness
  • Data Digitalisation which analyses data to provide insights for service optimisation

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