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Earth Observation

Sensing and Analysing Planet Earth

From satellite design, manufacturing and integration, to managing satellite launch and ground operations, and the suite of geospatial imageries provision and analytics services, we enable new possibilities and transform how businesses operate.

As one of the leading satellite manufacturers in Asia, we have full manufacturing and assembly capabilities dedicated for satellite production. Adopting a customer-centric approach and innovative technology, backed by relentless research and development, our engineers and scientists design and manufacture advanced satellites and sub-systems for various earth observation applications.

Our geo-insights analytics provide timely and relevant insights to improve the effectiveness and competitive edge of our customers.

What We Do

Satellite Design, Manufacturing and Integration

Our comprehensive suite of satellite engineering and testing facility includes high ceiling satellite advanced assembly and test (AIT) area, anechoic chamber, failure analysis facility and module test, satellite ground control station, and a geospatial analysis centre. Our proven track record, is helmed by TeLEOS-1, Singapore’s First Commercial Earth Observation Satellite, launched into Near Equatorial Orbit (NEqO) in end 2015. TeLEOS-2 is underway and is planned for launch in 2022. 

Our experienced engineers are capable of designing and developing satellite buses to integrate with various payload, such as optical camera, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and more, to meet the mission objectives of our customers. We are also able to conduct and complete in-orbit tests.

Program Management, Ground Operation and Launch Management

Our program management expertise covers mission analysis, engineering model, qualification model and flight model. Our launch management professionals support rocket sourcing, launch insurance, spacecraft transportation and launch campaign. We also provide integrated ground segment operations, enabling seamless management of satellites, and distribution of payload data and telemetry amongst partners and customers on the ground.

Earth Observation Solutions

Fronted by ST Engineering Geo-Insights, a joint venture company by ST Engineering and DSO National Laboratories, we leverage advanced technology and deep learning tools such as cloud shadow removal, change and object detection and land cover classification to provide advanced geo-spatial analytics and information products.

Supporting across the Energy, Infrastructure, Governments, Agriculture, and Finance & Insurance sectors, we empower you with easy access and analysis of high quality satellite imagery via the Geo-Earth Cloud platform.

Our next milestone will be operationalising a small SAR constellation called NeuSAR, capable of acquiring 1m Quad polarimetric imagery round-the-clock, with a revisit of a few hours. This is slated to be launched in 2022. 

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