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Advancing Mobility Today for Tomorrow

With increasing worldwide populations driven by urbanisation, the ability to move large numbers of people efficiently, reliably and seamlessly is pivotal to economic growth.

As a trusted leading solutions provider of rail electronics solutions and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), we leverage artificial intelligence, smart analytics and emerging technologies to equip governments and organisations around the globe with innovative solutions that enhance operations and optimise transport network, providing more convenient and safer travel experiences for commuters.

What We Do

Rail Electronics

We maintain leadership in transportation electronic systems by constantly keeping pace with global technological developments. Understanding our customers’ needs, we are able to provide cost effective products and innovative solutions to our customers. We are one of the leading companies in the world with a full suite of SMART Metro Systems & Solutions.

Autonomous and Public Transport

With limited land to meet the increasing demand of urbanisation, municipals worldwide have been leveraging the benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), artificial intelligence, autonomous solutions, simulations and emerging technologies to optimise city infrastructure and transport efficiency. We provide a complete suite of field-proven road solutions and consultancy services that have consistently met the mobility needs of cities around the globe.

  • Bus Management
  • Taxi Management
  • Autonomous Vehicle Monitoring and Evaluation

Traffic Management

Intelligent Transport System is an urban transport management system that integrates various technologies, such as artificial intelligence, data and video analytics, expert system, automated incident detection and traffic simulation, to optimise traffic management, operational efficiency, transport planning and service delivery to commuters.