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Public Safety and Security

Safeguarding Cities and Citizens

Threats from unpredictable intrusions, illegal activities and attacks to critical infrastructure have intensified in recent years. Public safety agencies need to constantly stay ahead of potential incidents and collaborate effectively across multiple parties.

Our seamless, smart solutions and secure communications have enabled optimised operations and efficient responses to emergencies and incidents in more than 100 cities.

Discover how we equip governments and agencies with integrated safety and security solutions to anticipate and fend off public threats.

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What We Do

Airport & Air Traffic Management

With air traffic volumes doubling every 10 to 15 years, airports are facing increased pressure to optimise terminal and airside capacity. Investing in digital technology will enable smarter, data-driven airports to handle the rising load by delivering operational efficiencies that will improve passengers’ experiences.

Airport Operations

Master System Integration

Facility Security Solutions

Simulation and Training


Robotics and Automation


Acts of terrorism, piracy and other trans-boundary maritime incidents are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is hence necessary for maritime, port and coastal agencies to ensure security at sea as well as quicker responses to rescue and aid efforts.

Vessel Traffic and Port Management


Maritime and Coastal Surveillance

Critical Infrastructure

Attacks on a single critical infrastructure can go far beyond the direct target and reverberate long after causing damage, loss and even dire consequences to a city and its citizens. With the integration and deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as data analytics and Internet-of-Things (IoT), our suite of solutions provide proactive security and crisis management as well as faster emergency responses.

Incident Management

Simulation and Training

Facility Security Solutions


Global demand for healthcare services has been increasing due to the ageing population and a raising incidence of chronic diseases. This is exacerbated by manpower shortage, thus steadily driving up the cost for healthcare. Powered by analytics, our Hospital Operations Centre solution can aggregate information across disparate systems to provide a real-time, unified view and provide actionable insights to improve operational efficiency in the healthcare environment.

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