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50th Anniversary

ST Engineering at 50


The birth of our pioneer companies in shipbuilding, electronics, engineering, automotive and aerospace gave rise to our formation and set us on course for expansion. With foresight, perseverance and the determination to succeed, we overcame challenges, forged partnerships and broke new ground with our innovative solutions for customers around the world.

The amalgamation of the various companies under the Singapore Technologies group to form ST Engineering in 1997 sparked our transformation. This was a period when the Group grew in size and stature, expanding in geographies and customer base towards a vision of being a global defence and engineering group.

Our footprint now stretches across four continents and our products are in the depths of the oceans and up to the vastness of space. ST Engineering is what it is today because of our unity in strength and because we dared to dream. We aspire to make a difference; we are and will remain passion-driven to engineer your future.

“ST Engineering has come a long way, with achievements in technology and innovation driven by its 22,000 employees. As we embark on our new journey, we will continue to focus on growth and value creation.”

Mr Vincent Chong, President & CEO of ST Engineering

Celebratory Milestones

We celebrate our Golden Jubilee throughout 2017 with a launch event at ST Engineering Hub, fundraising and volunteering drives, an exclusive commemorative book and much more. Find out about our celebratory milestones below.