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Amalgamation of Companies

20 years ago, on 8 December 1997, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, the current Singapore Exchange. It was a momentous day for the Group and four companies – ST Aerospace, ST Shipbuilding & Engineering, ST Electronic & Engineering and ST Automotive – were amalgamated to form Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

At debut, we were the 12th largest listed company on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, with a share price of S$1.03, market capitalisation of S$2.88 billion and 2.81 billion shares. 20 years on, our market capitalisation has more than trebled, surpassing S$10 billion, and so has our share price. ST Engineering is also component stock of the FTSE Straits Times Index, MSCI Singapore, SGX ESG Transparency Index and SGX ESG Leaders Index. 

Chartered Industries of Singapore

Formed in 1967

Singapore Aerospace Maintenance Co.

Precursor of ST Aerospace, in 1975

Singapore Electronic & Engineering

Precursor of ST Electronics, in 1969