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Smart City at ST Engineering Pavilion

Shaping Future Cities

We know what it takes to shape smarter, sustainable cities.  Whether you need to fortify your critical infrastructure and digital assets, deliver more efficient and affordable public transport, ensure environmentally sustainable outcomes or simply enable connectivity anytime, anywhere, our suite of smart city solutions can help.

Cities today face a range of evolving challenges. Utilising a citizen-centric approach that leverages our deep expertise in predictive analytics, AI, robotics and digital connectivity, our smart city solutions interactive display will show you how we can make your city safer and more liveable. We help cities prepare for a smarter future with our suite of Smart Mobility, Smart Security and Smart Environment solutions with a growing track record of more than 700 smart city projects in over 130 cities.

For the Singapore Airshow 2020, ST Engineering would be featuring our latest smart city solutions in Airports, Townships, Transportation, Connectivity and Autonomous Technology.

Smart Lamp Post
Next Generation Biometrics Platform
Airport Operations Centre System and Analytics

On Showcase

  • Smart Airport

    • Airport Operations Centre System and Analytics
    • Next Generation Biometrics Platform
  • Smart Digital Buildings and IoT

    • Smart Lamp Post

      We are launching a new model of the Smart Lamp Post at the Airshow! It is enhanced to help cities leverage smart technologies and analytics to enable municipals and street light providers to share the same infrastructure that supports the deployment of various smart city sensors and applications. 

      • Lamp Posts are equipped with smart sensors to support the deployment of various smart city applications. It is a sustainable use case and serves as a good entry point for other smart city deployments such as environmental monitoring, public safety operations, smart parking and Electric-Vehicle (EV) charging, crowd sensing and traffic monitoring.
      • Our network-agnostic IoT Platform provides an end-to-end solution that optimises management of street lightings to deliver full awareness of their performance, intelligently monitor and control them remotely in response to varying environmental conditions, resulting in energy savings and enhanced public safety.
      • Data analytics is used to enhance preventive and predictive based maintenance of the lightings, and optimise manpower and inventory management.
    • E-WATS Wireless Automatic Test System for Emergency Lights
  • Smart Mobility

  • Smart Connectivity

  • Smart Autonomous

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