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Total Aviation Support

With over 40 years of experience and track record in the global aviation industry, we know what it takes to keep aircraft flying safely. 

We offer solutions in both original equipment (OE) manufacturing and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), allowing customers to enjoy a wide range of aviation services in practically every stage of an aircraft life cycle.

As an OE manufacturer, we design and produce aerostructures and materials such as engine nacelles and composite floor panels. We have the expertise to give ageing passenger aircraft a new lease of life by converting them into freighters or refurbishing their cabin interior, providing end-to-end solutions all under one roof from design and certification, to implementation and maintenance.  We are one of the biggest freighter conversion houses in the world and am the only one that offers solutions for both Boeing and Airbus platforms using original OEM engineering data.

As an MRO service provider, we operate a global network of facilities in Asia, Europe and the U.S., providing maintenance solutions from airframe to components and engines. We are the largest commercial airframe MRO provider in the world, and we have the expertise and experience in supporting both commercial and military aircraft.   



Reliable, Safe and Customised MRO Solutions

We operate an extensive MRO network with global facilities across Asia Pacific, Europe and the U.S. to serve customers worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of capabilities cover airframe, component and engine MRO for both commercial and military platforms.

With the use of smart technologies and data analysis, we provide high quality, timely and reliable MRO programmes and solutions that can be fully customised to keep our customers’ mind at ease and their aircraft flying safely.

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Long History in Military MRO

We have a military heritage of over four decades starting out as an MRO provider for the  Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

From combat fighters to transport, trainer aircraft to helicopters, we provide a comprehensive suite of maintenance solutions for our global military customers. We have expertise in the F5 Tiger, F16 Falcon, A4 Skyhawk fighters, Fokker 50, KC135 Stratotanker transport aircraft as well as the H120, Super Puma and Chinook helicopters. We are also an authorised service centre for C130 Hercules transport aircraft.

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Wide-Ranging Solutions in Nacelles and Other Aerostructures

We provide a suite of solutions in nacelle systems and other aerostructures including design and manufacturing as well as spares and maintenance services that are supported by a global network of distribution centres, satellite stores and repair shops.

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Integrated Cabin Interior Solutions

We are equipped to provide integrated cabin interior solutions from turnkey cabin interior reconfigurations to product development including OE manufacturing and refurbishment services, cabin disinfection and composite structure solutions.

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Leading the Way in PTF Conversions

We are one of the world’s largest solutions provider in freighter conversion with a strong track record of over 400 freighter conversions. We are also the only global provider offering both Boeing and Airbus conversions through our supplemental type certificate (STC) developed using original OEM engineering data.

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Scalable drone-agnostic operating platform

Our range of commercial and unmanned aerial solutions (UAS) fleet – either tethered or untethered – are equipped for various applications for both day and night conditions. Using cloud-based software and data analytics, we provide end-to-end customised solutions to meet customer needs.

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Aviation Asset Management Solutions

We provide innovative aircraft and engine asset management services to manage and optimise an asset’s value over its life cycle for a global clientele comprising both full service and low cost airlines. Our portfolio’s aircraft types include the B737, A320, A321, A321 P2F and A330 P2F. Our portfolio’s engine types include the CFM56-5B/7B, V2500, LEAP-1A/1B, PW1100 and GE90 engines.

We own and manage, on behalf of investors, over US$750m of aviation assets covering passenger aircraft, freighter aircraft engines, providing innovative aircraft and engine asset management services to manage an asset’s value over its life cycle. We also develop various exit strategies to optimise an asset’s residual value.

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Cabin Disinfection and Hygiene Solutions

We bring together our years of industry experience in cabin interior, MRO and product development to innovate a suite of solutions, such as Anti-Microbial Coating and Seat Separators, to effectively meet air travel’s needs today for hygiene and safety.

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Smart MRO

We are transforming our hangar into one for the future, one that combines emerging and proven technologies to digitise and automate maintenance activities for overall higher process efficiency.

Our efforts are driven through four main thrusts: Smart Digitisation, Smart Robotics, Smart (Additive) Manufacturing and Smart Analytics.

Smart MRO

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