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Pilot Training

We established our first non-airline affiliated ab-initio flight training organisation in Singapore in 2007, offering one-stop pilot training services for commercial airlines and aspiring individuals. 

Worldwide Recognition

Over the years, our flight training organisation has been awarded approvals from civil aviation authorities in Singapore, Australia, China, Europe and Qatar, thanks to our high-quality teaching and learning deliverables.

We provide state-of-the-art A320 simulators, a world-class fleet of aircraft and academic centres with fully equipped classrooms and student lounges to instil a sense of confidence, pride and high safety standards in our staff and students.

Realistic training

With our first-class training facilities and instruction, trainees go through vigorous training that instills a sense of confidence, pride and high safety standards.

Soar with Us

  • Our Fleet

    Our commercial pilot training academy maintains a fleet of modern aircraft at our academies worldwide and includes single and multi-engine piston and multi-engine turbine aircraft. 

    These aircraft are equipped with electronic flight instrument system which enables cadet pilots to train in a cockpit environment close to that of commercial airliners. 

    Ab-initio flight training takes place in Ballarat in Australia and Hondo in the state of Texas. Safety and efficacy are our top priorities so we ensure that training standards are delivered to the highest quality using aircraft and equipment that meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Simulator Training Centre

    One of the many distinctive attributes that makes our pilot training academy a centre of flight training excellence is its superior infrastructure. 

    Our Simulator Training Centre housed in Singapore is a purpose-built facility with a capacity to accommodate up to six Full Flight Simulators (FFS) or Fixed Base Simulators (FBS). It currently houses an A320 FFS and an A320 FBS, both of which are available for wet or dry lease. 

    The centre also features an ancillary network for learning which includes briefing/ debriefing rooms, Virtual Procedure Trainers, computer-based training rooms, an e-library and customer offices.

  • Where Careers Take Flight

    In developing pilots for an industry with stringent regulatory, quality and safety standards, we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence. Our complete suite of pilot training solutions, from ab-initio to advanced courses, is supported by complementary programmes such as English language proficiency training and the Aviation English course. 

    As a market-responsive organisation, we pioneered the Singapore Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Tigerair in 2009.

    Through the programme’s remarkable success and subsequent commercialisation, the MPL has proven its effectiveness and clearly demonstrated our competitive edge in airline-oriented flight training. We are also well positioned to offer Safety and Emergency Procedure training and other cabin crew training programmes to meet the operational needs of the industry.