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Smart MRO

The Future with Smart MRO

We are adopting advanced technology such as robotics, aerial inspection and data connectivity to enhance workplace safety, productivity and quality of our solutions to add even more value for our customers.

Digitised Work Flow 
Using paperless processes, tasks are assigned, approved and monitored online. Images of defective parts are uploaded for direct assessment and approval of replacement parts. Information collected will feed into the data analytics server for predictive analysis.

Virtual Warehouse 
Spare parts are 3D printed and assembled on site to shorten turnaround time and reduce warehousing and logistics costs.

Find out more about our collaboration with New Zealand, Mooq and Microsoft. 

Wearable Connectivity
Augmented Reality (AR) glasses provide technicians with visual cues for each task and provide remote connectivity support while wrist-worn devices track the activities in real-time. The AR glasses allow technicians to directly log the inspection records through imbedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) interface.

Drones equipped with 3D-Scanners and HD Cameras inspect the aircraft fuselage for defects. UGVs transport inventory from Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for Just-In-Time (JIT) servicing. Robots work on fuselage paint sanding, while other robots inspect the fuel tanks and cabins for defects.

Automated Toolcribs
Tools are inspected to be serviceable before being pre-packed in toolboxes according to the work cards. The system alerts the technician of any missing tools at the end of the day, making Foreign Object Damage tool control checks a thing of the past.

SMART Hangar
Biometric iris scanner in AR glasses automatically clock technicians work schedules. Sensors within the hangar provide round-the-clock security. Data analytics is used to understand the information collected from the sensors, bots and other devices to optimise work flow and recommend predictive maintenance regimes for aircraft.

Smart MRO

Next-Generation MRO Hangar