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Unmanned Aircraft Solutions

Our team of drone operators are experienced in aerial imagery work for commercial and public safety use. Our range of commercial and bespoke unmanned aerial services (UAS) fleet, tethered and untethered, are equipped for various applications in both day and night conditions. Using cloud-based software and data analytics, we provide end-to-end solutions that meet your requirements.

In emergency response situations such as search and rescue, fire detection and damage assessment, our aerial surveillance and monitoring enables rapid response teams to make critical assessments prior to their deployment in volatile situations.

We also capture high quality imagery and videos for infrastructure inspection. For applications such as monitoring construction progress, assessing building and public infrastructure, measuring materials stockpile, mapping and monitoring for dangerous leakages, our fleet is suitably equipped with high accuracy positioning, 4K cameras with zoom for videos and photos, as well as FLIR capability for thermal inspection and detection.

Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Commercial and bespoke unmanned aerial services fleet

Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Experienced team of drone operators

Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Solutions for public safety and security and infrastructure inspections

Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Aerial imagery work for commercial use


DroNet, by ST Engineering's Aerospace sector, is a drone-agnostic operating platform that is capable of integrating highly autonomous and multi-function networks of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Optimised for operating in the urban environment, DroNet is highly scalable and readily customised with the use of drones capable of swappable payloads. It can be employed by users such as the police force and large-scale facilities management to carry out facility/perimeter security, building/site inspections and deliveries.

A DroNet system comprises a drone that is selected based on its capability to execute the required mission, a Central Operation Centre that can control multiple drones, and a fully autonomous and weather proof housing station called DroPort that allows drones to be launched from and land on autonomously. Drones can be housed in these automated launch stations, and be controlled remotely from a command centre operated by a lean crew.

Various drone networks can be integrated to create a Drone City to enhance urban living, security and convenience. Such a city-wide implementation can address increasingly pressing concerns of city life such as environmental management and public safety.

 The advantages of our Drone City Solutions includes:

  • On-demand fast deployment of UAVs anytime, anywhere and in all weather conditions to cover a large area
  • Fully autonomous with automated battery and payload swaps
  • Low manpower requirement
  • Low overall cost of deployment and ownership

A drone-agnostic operating platform that is capable of integrating highly autonomous and multi-function networks of Unmanned Aerial Systems