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Aerospace – Aviation Training Services

As part of our complete solution to our industry partners, ST Engineering's Aerospace sector provides high quality training for pilots to fly a wide variety of aircraft in today’s commercial and air transport sectors. We also offer unmanned aerial solutions for public safety and security, infrastructure inspection and more.
Realistic training

Pilots go through realistic scenarios at state-of-the-art facilities that are aimed at delivering high quality training.

Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Solutions for public safety and security and infrastructure inspections

  • High Quality Pilot Training

    We offer commercial pilot training under commercial and air transport pilot licenses curricula, as well as multi-crew pilot license programmes. Testament to the quality of our training, we are certified as a Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation. In addition, we offer aircraft charter for executive travel and air ambulance services.

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  • Unmanned Aerial Services

    Our team of drone operators are experienced in aerial surveillance for commercial and military use. Our range of commercial and specialised UAS fleet, tethered and untethered, are equipped for various applications in both day and night conditions. Using cloud-based software and data analytics, we provide end-to-end solutions to meet your requirements.

    In emergency response situations such as search and rescue, fire detection and damage assessment, our aerial surveillance and monitoring enables rapid response teams to make critical assessments prior to their deployment in volatile situations.

    Our experienced team of operators also capture high quality imagery and videos for infrastructure inspection. For applications such as monitoring construction progress, assessing building infrastructure, measuring materials stockpile, mapping or monitoring pipelines for leakage or intruders, our fleet is suitably equipped with high accuracy positioning, 4K cameras with zoom for videos and photos, as well as FLIR capability for thermal inspection and detection.

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