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Helicopter Flight Services

Established in 1984, Helicopter Flight Services (formerly known as Charter Operations Department) provides helicopter general charter services throughout Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

On-demand Air Transport

Operating from Seletar Airport, we provide 'on-demand' air transport by helicopter within a range of 250 nautical miles (about 460 km) of Singapore.  Our flights in Malaysia and Indonesia include Subang, Penang, Tioman, Batam, Bintan, Karimun and Pekan Bahru.

Our present helicopter is a EC120B Colibri helicopter, which commenced its first commercial flight in March 2007.

Our helicopter services can be used for sightseeing, advance exchange for scheduled and unscheduled components, aerial survey / aerial recce and aerial filming and photography.  We have also provided ship-to-shore transfers, VIP transport and special events.

Always ready

We provide on-demand air travel for a range of activities, including sightseeing, aerial survey and filming.


  • TAN Sah Boon
  • 600 West Camp Road,
    Seletar Airport,
    Singapore 797654
  • (65) 6480 6877

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