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ST Aerospace Airline Rotables

We deliver a broad array of component repair and supply chain services for Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft out of our facilities in London Stansted Airport.

On-demand, On-site, Always Online

We support the Boeing 737/757/767/787, the Airbus A320-Family/A330/A340 and Bombardier Q400 aircrafts, as part of ST Engineering Aerospace’s Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) programme.

Under this programme, our customers receive on-demand advance exchange of components for scheduled and unscheduled events from our global component pool. They also enjoy on-site stock provisioning and replenishment, as well as on-time component repair, modification and warranty management.

An online customer order management systems provides guaranteed service delivery time to meet airline operational and maintenance requirements.

At the same time, our On-Wing-Longer Systems (OWLS™) enables us to monitor, perform data analytics and follow on engineering and reliability programmes to improve component performance.

Airbus family

ST Aerospace Airline Rotables specialise in Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft repair and component supply chain management delivered through ST Engineering Aerospace's MBH™ component repair management & pooling programmes and OWLS™.


  • Peter TAN
  • Building 6002, Taylors End Stansted Airport,
    Stansted Essex CM24 1RL,
    United Kingdom
  • (44) (0) 7850 778117

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