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“There’s a strong culture of trust within the team and I’m empowered to do my job.”

- Chang Yixin, Engineer, Artificial Intelligence

Q: Why did you choose to work at ST Engineering?    

A career is meaningful when you witness how your efforts come to fruition and are applied in real life. It was natural for me to join ST Engineering as I was studying Computer Science back in school. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionising how we work globally, I see the potential in the field, and the career prospects it brings. As a large organisation, ST Engineering has the resources and foresight to grow and invest in AI projects, and it has the values that I look for in a company.

Q: What does a day in your life at ST Engineering look like?

My work revolves around product-based software development and deployment. I’m part of a core development team working on machine learning models and engines. My teammates and I work closely to help improve accuracy through training data. I make sure these engines run fast enough and smoothly enough to produce analytics. For example, through video analytics deployed in locations such as car parks, we are able to improve our product’s reliability and make our software even more competitive.

Q: So, what is it like working in ST Engineering?

A good working environment and culture can make or break your career. There’s a strong culture of trust within the team, and I’m empowered to do my job. With a supportive team, I feel confident and I look forward to working on projects for customers beyond Singapore.

Q: What is your passion and what makes you want to work in deep tech?

Deep tech is at the forefront of computer research. It opens up many possibilities that machines could not automate previously. I am continually witnessing how computers automate interesting tasks, making our lives easier and safer in many ways, and I know deep tech is a field that makes this happen.

Q: What are your future aspirations in your current role?

I aspire to see our products become well-known around the world. I’d be contented with the fact that I was part of the development team and saw it through from start to finish.

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