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Paving the Road to Self-driving Vehicles

Every day is dynamic and full of challenges. With passion and purpose, my team and I are able to overcome them and excel not only in what we do but in also what we believe in.

- Dai Siyang, Senior Engineer, Autonomous Solutions

Automating the future of transportation is a dream to many, and that is something Siyang and her team are on their way to fulfil. Through developing hardware and software, modelling and multiple stress tests, the Autonomous Transport team is on track to make autonomous transport network a reality in Singapore.

Q: Tell us about your role. 

My role is to verify and validate the autonomous driving system by modelling a digital twin of the physical world that includes virtual environment, sensor outputs, traffic scenarios as well as vehicle dynamics.

Safety is our top priority. We have to be creative in coming up with high fidelity simulations that are as close to the physical world. This can help stress test the self-driving vehicles and ensure that they are ready for operation.

Q: What are the core skills of the team?

Everyone in my team is a specialist in autonomous vehicles (AV) testing and simulation. For maximum efficiency and productivity, each engineer is expected to be hands-on for a wide range of duties, and be a domain expert.  

For example, we are all trained AV simulation engineers, and able to model Environment, Vehicle, Sensor and Traffic Scenario into a digital twin. Yet we are also skilled in the individual domain of modelling & simulation, so that we can work closely with one another to develop the digital twin of the real world to test and train AV’s capabilities under varying conditions. Besides normal testing with simulation, our next focus will be machine learning based on unsafe edge-case scenarios. We believe this will further enhance AV safety and promote intelligent AV behaviours.

Q: What do you find most meaningful in your job? 

No two days are the same, as we work on different projects, explore new simulation technologies, and come up with solutions to different problem statements. Putting the autonomous vehicles to the test, and seeing how the technologies come to fruition, gives me a huge sense of fulfilment. 

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