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Picking up New Skills through a Conversion Course

It brings me great job satisfaction whenever my team and I are able to innovate processes to improve our efficiency.

- Ho Yu Lin, Engineer, Land Systems, Manufacturing Engineering

Meet Ho Yu Lin, a process engineer responsible for overseeing the production process of our land system operations in Singapore. She collaborates closely with her teammates to integrate the use of robotics to raise productivity.  

Q: Without prior knowledge in the area of the production process, how did you develop your skills there?

Before attending the Professional Conversion Programme course in 2018, my knowledge of industrial robots and applications was very limited. After the course, I was able to appreciate how we can marry emerging technologies under Industry 4.0 to shorten the manufacturing process and eliminate steps that are prone to human error.

Through on-the-job-training with my superiors and seniors, I was able to gain more knowledge and experience in the production process. I am currently part of a team responsible for the implementation of smart systems and robotics in our production facility.

This makes my day at work both exciting and fun. It brings me great job satisfaction whenever my team and I are able to innovate processes to improve our efficiency.

Q: Using robotics in your work process is so interesting! How do you do that to raise productivity?

To make work processes more efficient, we programme our robots to be consistent and error-free. By using robotic arms to aid our people with more tedious tasks and automate the manual processes, we minimise mistakes and increase efficiency. This then allows us to take on other value-added tasks.

Q: Can you share one of the most interesting projects you have worked on thus far?

There is never a dull day working with the Land Systems team! Every day is a breath of fresh air as we collaborate to find creative ways to continuously improve how we work.

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on is to automate a road wheel and road arm assembly. We programmed and deployed the robot to pick component parts (e.g. welding attachment) and place them in the desired welding position. The use of the robot helped to improve the speed of the overall process and at the same time making sure we do it consistently and accurately.

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