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Meet Kan Zi Yang, the ‘Code Whisperer’

ST Engineering has enabled me to hone my software engineering skills while solving real-world challenges. For every project that I have worked on, I am grateful for my senior colleagues who have been nothing but helpful in imparting their knowledge and rich experience. This has greatly aided me in my career development as a software engineer.

- Kan Zi Yang, Assistant Principal Software Engineer, Group Engineering Centre

Our lives are largely intertwined with technology or anything internet-powered. Each time you visit a webpage or use an application, you are in fact engaging with the end product of a software engineer’s work. What gets a software engineer out of bed in the morning and what keeps them up at night? We speak to Kan Zi Yang, an Assistant Principal Software Engineer of the newly minted Group Engineering Centre to find out more.

We see software engineers always buried in a sea of code. What is a day in your job like?

As a software engineer, I design and develop software. I am currently working on a software system that will manage the facilities in the upcoming Punggol Digital District, Singapore’s first smart district, for residents, businesses and academia.

A day in my life at ST Engineering would be spent writing code for a new feature we are trying to develop, or detecting software bugs and nipping them in the bud. Of course, there is more to writing code than meets the eye. A lot of planning and design is involved to ensure that we please the end-users of our systems.

Contrary to the common belief that software engineers only have computers as colleagues, I often collaborate with my team at ST Engineering to iron out technical details and make sure we are all on the same page. 

How and why did you decide to join the ST Engineering family?

I accepted the ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship and joined the organisation because I resonated with the organisation’s vision of applying technology and innovation to solve real-world problems. This allows me to sharpen my design and product development capabilities and apply the knowledge gained in university to carry out hands-on engineering work, where my passion lies.

Another thing that sets ST Engineering apart is its wide range of diverse business areas, which gives me the opportunity to work on various domains.

What has been the most exciting/meaningful project you have worked on?

Back when I was part of the Kinetics Defence and Manufacturing team in Land Systems, I was involved in developing software for armoured vehicles. There is a lot of software involved in the operation and control of such armoured vehicles. Naturally, I had to work with many engineers of different specialisations to develop the software, and I learnt from their different experiences and perspectives.

I was immensely thrilled when I saw the vehicle I worked on being featured during the National Day Parade, an annual fanfare to celebrate Singapore’s independence. Deep down, I was proud to have played a part in protecting the sovereignty of our country.

You were given a new role in GEC as part of your job rotation. Can you tell us more?

ST Engineering is a huge organisation, with engineering capabilities in many different areas. However, belying these diverse capabilities are some core engineering competencies that enable the development of other capabilities. Hence, I think that establishing Group Engineering Centre and Group Technology Office is a great step in pooling group resources together to build platforms and technologies at a scale that might not be possible in individual business units.

I am glad and proud to be part of GEC. The prospects are exciting, and I hope that my work can help accelerate development in many parts of ST Engineering, contributing to the entire company as a whole.

ST Engineering has enabled me to ______

ST Engineering has enabled me to hone my software engineering skills and use them to solve real-world challenges. For every project that I have worked on, I am most grateful to my senior colleagues who have helped me and generously imparted their knowledge and rich experience. This has greatly aided me in my career development as a software engineer.

At the same time, it gives me pride and satisfaction to be able to contribute to projects that are meaningful, with tangible benefits to our society and country.

About Group Engineering Centre (GEC)

GEC is set up to focus on continuous innovation, translating immediate to near-term technologies into products and solutions for our businesses. It serves as a nerve centre where our engineers come together to build smart engineering solutions, accelerate digitalisation and codify best practices and common standards. It optimises the deployment of scarce engineering resources in five domain areas across the Group. The teams in Group Engineering Centre are forward-deployed to business units to augment their business-specific engineering teams to deliver business outcomes.

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