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“  I am able to contribute my engineering and marketing knowledge, opinions and efforts to the team, and be part of a success story. It’s the best motivation to go to work each day.  

- Low Jin Yi, Manager, Commercial Shipbuilding

Low Jin Yi was a Senior Engineer with ST Engineering’s Marine sector before he took on his current role in Marketing. He is applying his training as a mechanical engineer to architect solutions and craft strategic business plans for his customers worldwide. Read on to learn about his journey. 

Q: You went from engineering to marketing. What was the most challenging part of this change?
Previously, I oversaw the operations and project management of shipbuilding and ship repair work and I had to work with various teams in the Marine sector. In my current role, I also manage projects but I work closely with the Technology, Product and Marketing teams of our business sectors to drive Smart City efforts.

I had to pick up new skills in business planning and business model development rather quickly. Together with the task of conducting research and analysis on existing Smart City trends, competitor analysis, country profiles and government policies, I help to develop go-to-market plans for our Smart City suite of technologies. All this while, I had to learn about the diverse capabilities of the Group, especially our Smart City solutions. Little did I know that we have more than 500 smart city projects across 70 cities in our track record! These were the most challenging but also the most exciting early months in my Marketing role.

Q: What do you like most about your work?
International exposure, as I get to work with colleagues in Singapore and other key locations where we have a presence. In addition, I get to interact with different stakeholders such as international city mayors, government agencies and master developers to understand their needs and customize a suite of smart city solutions for their cities. As a solutions architect, I have to curate the market atmosphere and identify business opportunities for overseas markets. I have learned more about our international offices and how industries in different regions operate. 

I’m also excited to be involved in key projects, such as our partnership with JTC and Keppel Urban Solutions, to implement smart city masterplans and solutions. There is a lot of synergy within the Group and all I have to do is to help market our suite of solutions to customers globally.

Q: What was it like to work in ST Engineering's Marine sector?
Our Marine sector focuses on shipbuilding, ship repair and environmental engineering. Some may think the work is laborious, dirty or dangerous. Others may think it a sunset industry. For me, working in the Marine sector was a rewarding experience and the dynamic nature of my job pushed me beyond my comfort zone to create unique engineering solutions for the clients. I was able to apply my engineering knowledge and skills to achieve tangible results and outcomes at work and that gave me great satisfaction!

Q: What is one misconception people always have about being a mechanical engineer?
People think of someone who wields a spanner in one hand and a bolt in the other; in a similar fashion to how electrical engineers are viewed as plain computer coders. Mechanical engineers are actually product designers with a varied range of specialisation in the fields of heat transfer, stress analysis, combustion, engine propulsion theory and more.

They help to create some of the world’s most fascinating machines we see around us today. Take for an example, the Formula One cars which fuel our adrenaline rush during the annual Singapore Grand Prix. They are a testament to the type of products and ideas, which are conceived by the best minds of mechanical engineers.

Q: What do you find most meaningful in your job?
The knowledge that the successful completion of a job is achieved not through an individual’s effort, but through the concerted efforts of people from different specialties. In my job scope, I am able to contribute my engineering and marketing knowledge, opinions and efforts to the team, and be part of a success story. It’s the best motivation to go to work each day.

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