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ST Engineering exposes us to many growth opportunities. Over the last 3 years, my role has allowed me to extend my horizons and increased my exposure to international business projects.

- Samantha Lee, Assistant Principal Engineer, Mission Software and Services

Q: Why did you choose to start your career at ST Engineering?
Growing up, I was always drawn towards the area of math and physics. I look up to my dad who is an electrical engineer and he inspired my career choice to be an engineer today.

During my first year in university, I joined ST Engineering's Electronics sector as an intern where I started to learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and building mini prototypes. The experience was an eye opener and it spurred my interest in these aspects. After graduation, I joined ST Engineering as a software engineer to create and program business solutions using IoT and technologies.

Q: Tell us more about your work as a system specialist.
I work closely with my team to develop innovative ideas and transform them into real-life solutions that help our customers achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their business operations. As a system specialist, I find joy in being able to interact with our customers and develop solutions that address their challenges, and I get that sense of satisfaction helping customers achieve their business goals.

One example is the Third Generation Mobilising System (TGMS) project, which I was involved in supporting the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HK FSD) to improve their system. It comprises a sophisticated set of sub-systems that prioritises and manages the stringent emergency response requirements of HK FSD. By employing advanced algorithms that considered the complex road networks and layout of the city, TGMS is able to consistently direct fire and medical rescue teams on the most expedient routes to incident sites.

For this project, I had the opportunity to work with the HK FSD and my colleagues in Hong Kong to align on system developments.

Q: What were the most interesting projects you have worked on?
I love math and solving problems, and two interesting projects gave me the opportunity to apply my passion for innovation. One of the projects, which was also my first project, was to develop a 'last mile delivery' software prototype together with a logistics research institute. This application helped to optimise an efficient route for the end-to-end goods delivery service. The other was a project that I completed last year to create a robotic process automation (RPA) system for expediting daily operational processes. The RPA system featured a 'robot' that analysed large volumes of data and excel spreadsheets and delivered speedy tabulations within a few seconds that made routine duties such as payroll and administration simple. I was glad to have the opportunity to lead and manage the full-scale project from end-to-end including its user testing.

Q: What do you find most meaningful about your job?
As an engineer, I find it meaningful to create innovations that add value and improve the standard of living for people around the world. As part of ST Engineering, I feel proud to be working in an established global Group with more than 50 years of innovations!

Q: What are your future aspirations?
I hope to get more exposure in project management and business management, and one day lead a project that focuses on resolving industry challenges.


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