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I'm fortunate to be working with a team of young and versatile colleagues with a good mix of skill sets and personalities. This allows us to learn and grow together in our capabilities to deliver good solutions for our customers.

- Tan Shi Hui, Engineer, Mission Software and Services

Shi Hui sees the power of numbers and likes mingling with datasets. From creating programmes, data extraction, to data processing and visualisation, she's able to make sense of the data and understand the intrinsic meaning of numbers to help solve challenging problems in the world we live in. 

Q. Can you share some of the interesting projects you have worked on?

I was involved in a project related to maritime operations. Making use of predictive analytics, my team helped the business to identify machine components that require attention in a timely manner. This comes with cost-savings as it allows businesses to allocate manpower resources efficiently through the detection of failing parts before the onset of a catastrophic event.

Q. Tell us more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your work. 

We use AI to sieve out non-intuitive relationships between entities that are not easily detected by mankind. This programme is especially useful when working on fraud analytics tasks. For example, if I have two accounts, Tan Shi Hui and Shi Hui Tan, with the right context the system resolves them into one entity.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I like working with data and experimenting with code because every data set is unique and the insights I gather never fail to amaze me.

Data exploration allows my team and I to better understand the data characteristics before deciding the features to use for modeling. The process is enjoyable and we are able to join forces to discover ways to solve a problem efficiently. Although data exploration and analysis may take weeks or months, the insights I get from the data keeps me going! 

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