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Determined to pursue a career in tech, Tan Yue Jun, Software Engineer, Mission Software Systems, Digital Systems, strived to learn as much as he could about coding through our structured training, resources and mentorships. Today, he is putting his tech skills to good use in national defence projects. 

Q: Why did you decide to join ST Engineering?

I grew up with computers, so using them was like second nature to me. I was also exposed to how engineers operate and defend communications and computer systems during my National Service as a detachment commander in the Signals unit. I remember talking to some of the engineers from ST Engineering on their work in information technology. Fast forward a few years, and I get to see them at work again!

Q: Tell us more about your training at ST Engineering.

At ST Engineering’s Digital Academy, I was trained in the full stack web framework. This includes MERN, an open-source JavaScript software stack used to build dynamic web sites and web applications; GoLang, a programming language; and Svelte, a JavaScript framework. When we completed building an application, we learnt how to deploy them with containerisation technology such as Docker.

I’ve also had great mentors who gave me career advice and shared various insights to stimulate my thought process.

Q: Tell us about a challenge you faced during training.

During my on-job training, I had to build the Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Java. AIS is a messaging system built upon a set of protocols for ships to communicate. While picking up Java was manageable, there was a lack of online references on AIS applications. I overcame this by putting in hours of research and clarifying doubts with my reporting officer.

Q: Share more about your certifications in cloud and software.

I completed my Foundation phase quickly and was offered additional training to get the Azure Developer Associate certification. After this, I took up the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification under my school. To challenge myself, I also completed the AWS Developer Associate certification on my own.

These certifications showcase my determination to go the extra mile to gain the domain knowledge and skills for these cloud provider tools.

Q: Why do you think your work in ST Engineering is meaningful?

I am hugely inspired by Alan Turing, the father of modern computer science. During World War II, he invented a machine to decrypt the enigma code used by the Germans to communicate with one another. Like him, I hope that the codes I write will help to defend the waters of Singapore someday.

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