Autonomous Solutions

Moving Smart Cities into the Future

With more than a decade of experience in autonomous vehicles, ST Engineering is set to revolutionise the way that cities think about transport and logistics. From autonomous buses and industrial service robots, to security robots that keep our cities safe, our solutions improve infrastructure and improve the lives of citizens.
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Rethink Urban Operations and Transportation


Autonomous technologies enable operations to continue round the clock, with uncompromised quality standards.

Cost Savings

Autonomous robots can alleviate high manpower costs in labour-scarce industries, keeping businesses running as usual.


Autonomous vehicles ensure safe and comfortable rides, with state-of-the-art high precision positioning technology.


Autonomous Vehicles

Steering towards Driverless Cities

Autonomous buses on our roads will radically transform urban transportation, delivering safer and more comfortable rides that are free from human errors. In consultation with Singapore's Land Transport Authority, ST Engineering will pioneer the nation's autonomous bus network, the first of its kind in the region.

  • High-precision positioning with satellite-based differential GPS system
  • Close-to-long distance detection for smooth and safe driving
  • Visual recognition of traffic lights and signs
  • Cybersecurity to eliminate cyber vulnerabilities


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Autonomous Logistics Solutions

Taking the Effort out of Materials Movement

Safe, reliable and efficient, our range of STROBO autonomous solutions are ideal for routine material handling work in both indoor and outdoor environments. Scalable and easily integrated into warehouse, seaport, airport and production environments, it accurately and independently transports cargo of all shapes and sizes, improving throughput and efficiency.  

  • Seamless integration with existing management systems
  • LIDAR SLAM technology for dynamic navigation
  • Wireless connection to customisable Robotics Management System
  • Wide range of solutions including pallet trucks, stackers, tow tractors, forklifts, and Very Narrow Aisle trucks


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Security Robotics

Keeping Watch while Cities Sleep

With our Autonomous Security Robotics solutions, cities can now deploy a combination of manned and unmanned security operations to keep critical sites safe, 24/7. Adopting artificial intelligence and machine perception, our robots keep watch tirelessly, intelligently identifying anomalies and intruders, effectively detecting and deterring crime.   

  • PTZ cameras for 360o panoramic surveillance
  • Facial recognition capability for intrusion detection
  • Telescopic mast to oversee crowded areas
  • LIDAR SLAM technology for dynamic navigation

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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Supplies in Motion  

Bring healthcare, hospitality, industrial and logistics operations to the next level with our TUG smart autonomous robots. Driven by smart navigation technology, TUGs deliver goods and supplies directly to point-of-use locations, wherever it is needed within the facility. Fully operational without the need for additional infrastructure, it navigates independently, avoiding obstacles and controlling elevators and doors without human intervention.

  • Payload capacity of up to 635kg
  • Full omnidirectional motion capability
  • Centralised Control Centre monitors and orchestrates every delivery and dispatch
  • Patented algorithms proactively detect potential problems
  • Easy deployment into existing facilities without the need for tracks, beacons and extensive infrastructure planning

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The ST Engineering Difference

  • Trusted Brand

    More than a decade of experience in developing autonomous solutions and robotics for both defence and commercial applications.

  • Proven Track Record

    We make over 5 million deliveries per year and have deployed in more than 200 customer sites including hospitals, hotels and manufacturing plants worldwide.

  • Forward-Looking

    The front-runner in autonomous vehicle (AV) solutions, we have successfully deployed autonomous buses in Singapore’s Sentosa Island and will be rolling out AVs nationwide in consultation with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority.

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