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Uniforms are integral for soldiers, and factors such as fit and comfort are of utmost importance. Using state-of-the-art materials, the Garment Engineered by Advanced Research (GEAR) uniform is designed to bring unparalleled comfort that does not hinder movement or increase fatigue. The comfort brought about by the uniform will help the soldier to concentrate and remain vigilant on the battlefield.

Key Features

  • Superior comfort: The use of durable, lightweight, and breathable materials makes the uniform suitable for tropical climates
  • Wide range of adjustments to ensure a good fit: Waist and cuff areas are designed to stay snug in different scenarios
  • Quick donning: Built-in drawstrings along the ankle area allows for quick donning
  • Increased mobility and durability: Gussets are added so that soldiers can move freely without having to worry about breakages or fraying
  • Improved storage pockets: Elastic bands in the pockets allow soldiers to store more items, and the pockets are angled for greater ease of reach