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Digital technologies are changing our lives and highly-connected economies bring new vulnerabilities. Strengthening the cyber resilience of networks requires a new cybersecurity architecture.

A New Architecture for Cybersecurity Networks

There will be increasing device and network connectivity relating to information technology, operational technology and Internet-of-Things (IoT). There will be more convergence of complex networks in order to meet new business opportunities in the new digital economy. This in turn will increase the complexity of securing these various cyber-attack surfaces. Cybersecurity defenders are going to face daunting challenges in securing these future networks. The solution to this is adopting the right cybersecurity architecture.

We believed in providing cyber secure systems and networks to our customers. Cybersecurity has to be an intricate part of any system or network design. Our view in defending the future network is centered in adopting a 90%, 9% and 1% cyber architecture concept. Technology is used to eliminate 90% of the known threats to reduce the noise threshold. Processes and expertise are then used to deal with another 9% of the sophisticated threats and malware. Our deep expertise is then utilised to eliminate the last 1% of sophisticated and unknown threats.

A leading provider of trusted and innovative cybersecurity solutions, we have close to two decades of deep experience and proven record in protecting and defending critical infrastructures.

Our team of specialised cybersecurity professionals design, build, train and operate cybersecurity operation centres for our customers. With our deep engineering expertise, we provide robust cyber secure products and services in cryptography, cybersecurity engineering, audit as well as compliance. We have also invested heavily in research and development, actively engaging leading research institutes, academic partners and industry leaders in capability development to create future-ready cybersecurity solutions and stay ahead against cyber attackers.

Our suite of cybersecurity solutions include:

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