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Internet of Things

Empowering Smart Cities with Internet of Things

Today, the need for cities to enhance their liveability and sustainability, through seamless connectivity that is empowered by IoT and smart technologies, has become more prevalent than ever. 

With over 15 million nodes deployed globally, our IoT solutions enable cities to optimise their operational efficiency and deliver quality services seamlessly. Leveraging best-of-breed technology and standards, we help cities manage multiple municipal services and applications on a common platform that enables data exchange and smart analytics, providing urban planners with better insights for predictive actions.

What We Do

IoT Platform

The IoT Platform leverages advanced connectivity, smart analytics, cloud infrastructure and best-of-breed technology to gather, manage and analyse data in order to gain valuable insights for urban planning and optimise city management.

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Smart Lighting Management

The Smart Street Lighting platform provides automated street light management for better energy savings and more responsive maintenance. Streetlights can also be deployed for connectivity with embedded IoT devices and data management tools to address urban challenges.

Our smart on-demand Wireless Lighting System, uses adaptive algorithms and analysis of movement to deliver high-efficiency lighting. Integrated with the our smart indoor lighting platform, it enables predictive indoor lighting illumination, seamless interoperability and enhanced public safety for residents.


Smart Environment Monitoring

The Smart Environment Monitoring solution provides a comprehensive overview to monitor and help city managers respond quickly and decisively to changes in the urban environment. Data from multiple sensors are managed on a single platform to develop preventive and predictive maintenance regimes that optimise services for urban dwellers.

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Smart Lamp Post

Cities around the world are progressively embracing the benefits of energy savings from street lighting management. But not many have benefited from the full capabilities of connected Smart Lamp Posts that go beyond illuminating cities

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Smart Lift Monitoring

The Smart Lift Monitoring solution is a non-intrusive lift performance monitoring solution. It incorporates multiple sensors to measure key performance parameters of lifts and escalators in order to minimise breakdowns. The collected data is analysed for predictive maintenance to enhance equipment reliability.

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