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Smart Digital Building

68% of the world population is projected to be living in urban areas by 2050. To address this key trend, it is critical to create smarter and more sustainable built environment that enable people to work, live and play better.

Our Smart Digital Building solutions enable a better and smarter built environment by focusing on three areas - (1) Energy Efficiency and Optimisation, (2) People and Asset Protection, and (3) Human Resource Management and Optimisation. These are achieved by unifying and utilising technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that will provide integrated insights and outcomes.

What We Do


Our solutions are designed based on the concept of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' to enable super low energy consumption and optimisation that help achieve the goal of carbon neutral building. 

Learn more about AgilLites, our smart lighting solution that delivers efficient use of energy, lower maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.


We use outcome-based security by design to help achieve a proactive safe and secure built environment. Through efficient use of security assets and resources, to deliver robust and resilient security.


We harvest the power of Industry 4.0 automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics, to provide end-to-end and open digital platform to enhance seamless management of smart digital building across the entire eco-system

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