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WISX Smart Street Lighting

WISX Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting contributes to an increasingly significant part of cities’ energy use and is a growing concern on municipal budgets. As cities move beyond the current progressive adoption of LED outdoor lights to reduce the cost of energy consumption and manpower for maintenance, there is a growing trend to harness smart technologies to explore Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for more sustainable and cost-effective street light management.


WISX Smart Street Lighting System provides an ideal end-to-end smart city solution on a single platform to deliver full awareness of street lights performance while intelligently monitoring and controlling them remotely in response to varying environmental conditions. It supports automated light management through the use of sensors (e.g. luminosity and proximity sensors), offering a more responsive and efficient maintenance regime with a high rate of availability, reduced downtime and energy consumption. Through this system, data is collected and analysed to better address light faults through enhanced preventive and predictive-based maintenance planning, thus optimising manpower and inventory management.

WISX Smart Street Lighting
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