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ST Electronics (Info-Security)

ST Electronics (Info-Security) is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions with close to two decades of experience and proven expertise in protecting and defending critical infrastructures.

A New Cybersecurity Architecture

Digital technologies are changing our lives and highly connected economies bring new vulnerabilities. Strengthening the cyber resilience of networks requires a new cybersecurity architecture.

Backed with indigenous capabilities and domain expertise in cybersecurity, we offer a full suite of future-ready cybersecurity solutions ranging from endpoint security, analytics, and visualisation to Information and Operational Technologies Network Security capabilities.

We deliver trusted integrated cybersecurity solutions to help our customers meet their information security needs and stay ready for future challenges. In addition to our capabilities in designing, building, operating and maintaining cybersecurity operation centres for our customers, we continuously innovate and develop new technologies to enhance our cybersecurity offerings.
Our suite of cybersecurity solutions include:

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ST Electronics (Info-Security

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