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Trusted Enterprise Solution

Trusted Enterprise Solution

This is a comprehensive suite of hardware-defined cybersecurity products designed to fit seamlessly into any enterprise security architecture, our Trusted Enterprise Solution allows customers to secure and access sensitive information on the go, anytime, anywhere in a trusted working environment. It comprises four segments:


  • Trusted Workspace
    It can operate in both the internet and intranet securely without compromising productivity. It also acts as a sensor to protect the organisation against insider threats with just one computer.
  • Trusted Communication
    Users can communicate and connect securely while on-the-go, anytime, anywhere with instant messaging, multimedia, attachment and voice features.
  • Trusted Network
    Secures the network and connects to multiple sites on public internet or private internet protocol (IP) infrastructure. The customised encryption is ideal for different security requirements and applications.
  • Trusted Storage
    It enables users to store their information securely in a portable USB encrypting hard drive with two factor smartcard technology for authentication.
Trusted Enterprise Solution

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