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ST Electronics (Large-Scale Systems Group)

ST Electronics’ Large-Scale Systems Group (LSG™) is a leading electronics turnkey system provider in rail and transportation systems, intelligent building management systems, as well as services for defence system integration, maintenance and operation.

A Leading Electronics Systems Provider

We pride ourselves as a technologically-advanced systems provider that contributes to the advancement in quality of daily living and national defence.

We empower enterprises to manage the growing needs of urbanisation with our large-scale, integrated and future-ready solutions:

  • Intelligent Rail and Transportation Systems
  • Smart Building Management Systems
  • Defence Electronics Systems

Featured Solutions

Smart Metro – Enhancing Mobility

At the forefront of Rail Electronics Business

Smart Building – Enhancing Security

Security without compromise

Smart Defence – Enhancing Serenity

Total Defence with full availability, maintainability and reliability

Products & Solutions

  • Rail Electronics

    Full Suite of Rail Electronics Solutions

    We are a leader in rail electronics solutions, having played a key role in the development of Singapore’s MRT system since its inception in 1984. Globally, we have successfully delivered more than 100 transit system projects in the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, as well as in North and South America.

    As metro lines are being built in cities and metropolitan areas, the expectations for seamless and smart commuting are rising, and complexities in managing expanding metro networks are increasing. To meet these challenges, city authorities have to seek effective solutions.

    Our full suite of rail electronics solutions, which include Smart Metro Control Centre, Command, Control & Communication, Automatic Fare Collection, Platform Screen Door, Passenger Information System and Enterprise Asset Management System, meet the expectations and demands of the authority, operator and commuter alike.

    With an established track record of over 30 years, coupled with our expertise in system engineering and project management, we are well-positioned to take on turnkey rail E&M systems projects globally:

  • Security and Intelligent Building Solutions

    • With security threats reaching on an all-time high in recent times, countries and enterprises are looking to tighten their security measures. As a leading provider of intelligent building solutions, we integrate technologies and processes to enhance the operational safety, security and sustainability of buildings. 

      We stand ready to help clients overcome threats of intrusion and terrorism. As a market leader in Integrated Security Management System, our security systems have been deployed in numerous key installations (KINS) in Singapore.

      We have also pioneered solutions for smart buildings. By automating facility processes and managing utilities efficiently, our Parking Guidance System and Smart Energy Management System help building owners reduce carbon footprint and operation cost.

    • Integrated Security Management Solutions

      We are a leading supplier of integrated security and emergency management systems. We provide comprehensive intruder alarm, access control and situation management systems that seamlessly integrate with other security sub-systems like CCTV, emergency intercom and perimeter protection.    

      These are many important components of an Intelligent Building System which we are competent in, such as facilitating linkages to fire alarm systems, building automation systems and other building services. Deployed worldwide, our solutions include:

      • Integrated Security Management System
      • CCTV surveillance System with Video Content Analytics
      • Perimeter Fence Intrusion Detection System
      • Card Access, Intruder Detection and Asset Tracking System

      We are in the fore-front of biometric technologies with in-depth R&D and experience in deploying biometric systems like live finger detection as well as iris and facial recognition. In Singapore, we are one of the most experienced security providers of multi-factorial authentication systems and have implemented the Singapore Standards for Smart Card Identification (SSID: SS529) in KINS.

      Our in-house security products include:

      • ST8100 SecurNet – Integrated Security Management System
      • Door Access Readers and Controllers (IP-based series)
      • Facial Recognition System
      • Mobile Authentication Unit (Biometric mobile unit)
      • Intelligent Key Management System
    • Smart Building Solutions

      Our Smart Building Energy Management solution equips buildings ‘with a brain to think’, providing comfort for occupants, while optimising energy use. The key to this lies in an automated Measurement and Verification System that maintains a building’s operational energy consumption at an efficient level. Our smart building solutions have been deployed in the airport and numerous commercial properties in Singapore and abroad.

      Our Smart Building Management products include:

      • Integrated Building Facilities Management System
      • Smart Building Energy Management System
      • Parking Guidance System
      • Parking Guidance System - Smart Vision Sensor
      • Smart Vision Parking Management System
      • People Counting System
    • Robotics and Smart Kiosk Solutions

      An increasing crunch in manpower has encouraged organisations to explore the use of robotics and smart kiosk solutions for their operational needs. Areas of use include visitor registration and authentication, information gathering, ticketing and payment, as well as logistics.

      Our robotics and smart kiosk solutions have been successfully deployed for public and commercial customers.

      Our strength lies in our commitment of working closely with the customer to understand their requirements and objective, and customising a solution to meet their needs.

  • Defence Solutions

    We continuously build on our cumulative experience acquired over the past 40 years of integrating, maintaining, and upgrading weapons as well as electronic systems. We provide system life cycle solutions to defence and non-defence customers.

    Our involvement in major platform building and multi-combat systems integration programmes covers a full spectrum of system life cycle activities. This cycle continues includes phases such as system upgrades, obsolescence management and/or acquisition of new systems. System life cycle activities are:

    System Engineering

    • System design and development of electronic and unmanned systems
    • System upgrading of naval and air defence systems
    • Ruggedisation design of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) equipment for harsh environment
    • Manufacture of rugged defence & industrial products

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    Systems Integration

    • System integration of combat and electronic systems
    • Interface design management for multi-systems integration
    • Installation, checkout, integration and testing (ICIT)

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    Product Development

    • Develop indigenous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) for multi-mission operation.

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    Production Engineering

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    Integrated Logistics and Maintenance Support

    • Operation and maintenance of naval, land and air defence systems, as well as airport and commercial systems
    • Test programme set development for automated depot repair
    • Calibration and repair of test, measuring and diagnostic equipment

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ST Electronics Large-Scale Systems Group