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Smart Car Park Platform Addresses Parking Challenges

Faced parking challenges like traffic congestion and insufficient parking space? ST Engineering's Smart Car Park Platform aims to address these challenges through integration of smart technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), smart data analytics and mobile payment technologies.

Parking, an easy and straightforward task, remains a challenge for many living in crowded urban cities. Traffic congestion and insufficient parking space are just some of the usual suspects, with motorists facing increasing levels of frustration and anxiety when they are unable to find parking space and are late for their appointments.

According to a study by traffic data aggregator INRIX in 2017, drivers in developed Western countries spend up to 107 hours a year looking for a parking lot. Time spent circling for parking space leads to poor customer experience. In another study conducted by a multinational company, more than 50% of the individuals surveyed have abandoned their search and gone somewhere else instead, resulting in a loss of revenue and business to car park operators and building owners.

Integrating the latest technologies, ST Engineering’s Smart Car Park Platform provides motorists with more convenient car parking services while offering significant cost savings for car park operators and building owners alike. Vehicle Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, car park ticketing and manual fee collection are of the past as newer generation technologies such as the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), smart data analytics and mobile payment technologies enable automated reading of motorists’ vehicle license plates for seamless access control and fuss-free payment.

With the proliferation of smartphones, the Smart Car Park Platform provides motorists with the convenience of a mobile application to search for available car park space, check parking rates, book parking space and apply for season parking at the touch of their fingers.

The Smart Car Park Platform also benefits car park operators greatly. The cloud-based platform enables centralised management and control of car park operations, providing operators with an overview of their portfolios’ revenue collection and occupancy records. With an asset management module, operators are able to engage in preventive maintenance to reduce operational costs. Furthermore, dynamic pricing or variable allocation of season and short term parking can also be introduced to optimise car park occupancy.

Focused on addressing parking challenges for both motorists and car park operators, with the integration of smart technologies, the Smart Car Park Platform is just one of the Smart City solutions offered by ST Engineering, who holds a track record of having implemented more than 500 smart city projects in Smart Mobility, Smart Security and Smart Environment across 70 cities.

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