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Technology Partnerships

In our quest to find answers to the most pressing engineering questions and bring new solutions to market, ST Engineering collaborates with academic and industry partners to accelerate the development and adoption of new technologies.

Partners for Innovation

Our industry and academic partners are vital to our goal of delivering innovative solutions that transform our customers’ businesses.

In the area of advanced robotics and autonomous systems, we partnered with Nanyang Technological University to set up the ST Engineering-NTU Corporate Lab in 2015. The collaboration brings new innovations in airport precision and airside technology and in enhancing intelligence support for disaster relief efforts.

In 2016, we set up the ST Electronics–SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory with the Singapore University of Technology and Design to advance new frontiers in cyber security technologies and to build next-generation solutions and products that address both current and future cyber security challenges.

Building on our expertise in robotics and autonomous solutions, we launched the Singapore Autonomous Vehicles Consortium in April 2017 to facilitate and strengthen collaboration between industry partners and institutes of higher learning to develop autonomous vehicle standards and accelerate the application and adoption of these technologies in Singapore.

To address challenges and meet the needs of growing Smart Cities worldwide, we established the ST Engineering-SUTD Centre for Smart Systems since December 2015 to facilitate the collaboration and creation of Smart City ideas and solutions via Research & Development, and to provide a channel for these to be directly commercialised. 

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