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Engineering Design Solutions

Engineering Innovation: Synergised by Systems Engineering

At ST Engineering, engineering know-how is our core and pride.

With years of experience meeting commercial and military demands, our subject matter expertise and engineering design capabilities gives us the ability and confidence to design and engineer any integrated mobility platform, providing our customers with complete automotive solutions .

Our strong Systems Engineering practice allows us to seamlessly integrate the various specialty engineering disciplines such as safety, reliability, maintainability, human factors and environment to our designs and deliver a complete bespoke solution to serve your needs.

From requirements gathering to formulation of systems architecture and eventually systems verification, we strive to work closely with you throughout the development process so that we can attend to your needs in the shortest time possible.

Find out more about our solutions below.

Mobility Systems

Wheeled Mobility Systems  ●  Tracked Mobility Systems  ●  Powertrain

Auxiliary Systems

Unmanned Systems  ●  Structure Design  ●  Hydraulics  ●  Industrial Design  ●  Amphibious Systems  ●   Protection 

Electronics & Information

Vetronics  ●  Digital Human Machine Interface  ●  Electrification  ●  Health Usage & Monitoring Systems with Data Analytics

Crew Systems

Climate Control  ●  Seating Systems

Weapon Systems

Non Line-of-Sight Weapon System  ●  Line-of-Sight Weapon System