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Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Engineering the Future through Robotics

We are redefining the future of robotics and autonomous systems with tailor made innovations to enhance your business efficiency and reliability. Together with our technology partners, we leverage on the latest smart technology and our engineering knowhow to develop robotics and autonomous systems to meet the needs of various industries including transport, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality as well as public safety and security. Our end-to-end robotics solutions provide seamless integration and enhancements to the safety, efficiency and mobility aspects of your business. We also offer a wide range of autonomous bus solutions that aim to shape the future of public transport systems and Smart Cities mobility around the world.

What We Do

Healthcare & Hospitality Robotics Solutions

With built-in smart technology and a payload capacity of up to 635kg, the ST Engineering Aethon autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can ride an elevator and open doors to efficiently deliver pharmacy medications, laboratory specimens and even meals. These AMRs have become invaluable assets at hospitals, hotels and manufacturing facilities, making more than five million deliveries each year.

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Logistics Automation Solutions

The STROBO logistics automation solutions are developed to integrate seamlessly with any existing infrastructure. Equipped with Lidar-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology and wireless communication via Wi-Fi or 4G to interface with a robotics management system, STROBO is capable of dynamic path planning and obstacle detection, both indoors and outdoors in various settings including manufacturing, warehouse, seaport and airport environments.​ 

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Seaport Automation Solutions

The Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is equipped with LIDAR SLAM technology to enable obstacle detection and is highly customisable to meet the operational needs of a seaport. Powered by an eco-efficient electric power system, it produces low emissions and is capable of transporting two 20-ft or a 40-ft container at a top speed of 25km/h.

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Security Robotics

The Autonomous Security Robotics Solution is an intelligent and collaborative system that can complement any existing security operations. Leveraging on smart technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), face recognition and machine perception, the solution can pick up anomalies and pre-empt security threat in order to ensure public security.

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Autonomous People Movers

Designed for safety and comfort, the autonomous STROBO Bus is an intelligent mobility solution that promises a smooth and reliable ride. Equipped with cutting-edge multi-sensory technology that optimises navigation and safety, the bus can operate in complex urban environments, GPS deprived areas and tunnels, as well as under rainy conditions.

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