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Delivering Total Training Solutions

From vocational training to blended learning via Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) learning management systems, Kinetics Training Solutions (KTS) offers an effective suite of total training solutions for defence forces.

Building on our expertise in military training, we apply the latest technologies to meet the training requirements of defence forces.

For faster learning and better retention, our dedicated team of instructional designers and training practitioners apply blended learning to deliver scalable and customised high tech learning packages.

Supplementing traditional classroom instruction with virtual learning improves training outcomes. This is why our AR and MR training solutions are highly customised and designed to provide workforces with real-time guidance and feedback.


What We Do

Driving and Learning Centres

Kinetics Driving Centre (KDC)

  • More than 230 professional driving instructors managing all the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Driving Centres in training, curriculum development and mentoring
  • Comprehensive training for a whole range of vehicle classes including Class 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5 and forklift.
  • Orientation driving for SAF overseas training deployments in local left-hand drive and skid-pan training and overseas ground driving orientations.

Kinetics Combat Driving Centre (KCDC)

  • Proven track record in armoured vehicle driving training and operator maintenance training
  • Basic and advanced driving training for armoured platforms 
  • Maintenance and repair of training fleet

Kinetics Operational Testing & Evaluation (OT&E)

  • Training skills and competencies in wheeled and tracked vehicle operations
  • Performing Reliability Development Growth Tests (RDGT) for all types of land platforms
  • Testing and evaluation from design trial to product acceptance stage

Kinetics Technical Training Centre (KTTC)

  • Technical training for automotive mechanics, weapon system technicians and communications equipment electronic technicians
  • Learner centric and outcome based training via blended theory and hands-on experience

Kinetics Targetry & Simulation Services (KTSS)

  • Operate and manage SAF rifle ranges, targetry systems in field ranges and the LEOPARD 2 Driving and Gunnery Simulators
  • Operations and services support for infantry and armour forces in field live fire locally and overseas

Kinetics Learning Development Centre (KLDC)

  • Practical, structured, experiential and collaborative learning design approach for workforces
  • Blended learning solutions via augmented reality, virtual reality, e-learning, facilitation and on-the-job training
  • Develop learning management systems and content management

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Solutions

ST Engineering offers advanced Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality (AR/MR) training solutions to facilitate learning and improve training outcomes. Our versatile technologies are deployable across a range of platforms, highly customisable and provide workforces with real-time guidance and feedback.

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