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Environmental Engineering

Delivering Sustainable Environmental Solutions

STSE Engineering Services provides solutions and services for water and solid waste management by drawing on our engineering capabilities and deep technical knowledge in environmental technology. We provide waste logistics, waste treatment, waste-to-energy, mechanical biological treatment, water and wastewater treatment, and renewable energy solutions. We provide these services using a variety of contracting models, including as engineering services, as an Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract, an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract, and a Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) contract.

We also specialise in renewable energy solutions and Eco Park planning services. Harnessing natural renewable energy, we work in tandem with project management personnel to meet customer requirements and local conditions.

Using our engineering expertise and experience, we offer total packages to meet the environmental engineering needs of our customers. We provide consultancy, design, construction, operation and maintenance programmes and turnkey solutions.

We have successfully executed projects in Singapore, China, Brunei, the Middle East, India and South East Asia.

Expansion of Kranji NEWater Factory
Pneumatic Waste collection System for Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
Integrated Solid Waste Management System in Brunei Darussalam


  • Water Treatment

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Waste Logistics - CleanVAC PWCS

    Our centralised and automated waste management solution is used in high rise buildings, mixed developments, recreational parks and hospitals to efficiently and cleanly remove waste materials for a cleaner environment. Flexible and scalable, it can be used for everything from individual buildings or entire townships. It relies on an intricately designed network to reduce pollution, connecting to either indoor or outdoor drop-off points for the disposal of the waste materials. It is currently used by customers such as Hotel Phoenix in Singapore and Tianjin Eco-City in China. 

  • Waste Logistics - Refuse Transfer Station (RTS)

    This solution forms an integral part of waste management as it provides customers with an efficient way to transfer waste to landfills away from city centres. A comprehensive built-in odour and dust control system helps to minimise environmental pollution while a customised system tailored to customers’ requirements results in improved results. Customers can also simulate the impact of the system to have an idea of the system’s impact before implementation.

  • Waste Treatment - Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

    Using sophisticated technologies to sort out a city’s waste, we are able to do further material separation, according to customers’ requirements. For example, lightweight packaging from bags, bins and containers can be filtered into the individual fractions (or mono-fractions bales of tinplate, aluminium, composites and plastics). We also customise our products for tough-to-solve applications from design to start-up. We are proud to have designed and built the MRF project in Beijing Daxing, China.

  • Waste Treatment - Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)

    MBT is a waste processing facility that combines a segregation facility with biological treatment under aerobic and/or anaerobic conditions. MBT facilities can be designed to process municipal solid waste as well as commercial and industrial waste.

    MBT facilities enable the recovery of materials contained within commingled waste and facilitate the stabilisation of the biodegradable portion of the waste. The MBT mechanically breaks down the waste into smaller parts and recovers a portion of the recyclable waste.

    At the same time, micro-organisms that are either aerobic or anaerobic help break down the biodegradable component of the waste. This yields usable by-products such as biogas and compost. The biogas can be used to generate electricity and heat while the compost can be used as a soil improver.

    The overall process is designed with functionality, cost-efficiency, easy maintenance, safety and environmental friendliness in mind. In addition, with its largely automated operations, minimum manpower is required.

  • Waste Treatment - Waste-to-Energy (WtE)

    Waste-to-Energy (WtE) incineration is an environmentally friendly incineration process that minimises the emission of pollutants into the air.

    WtE incineration eliminates over 96 percent of waste, including sewage sludge, medical waste and bio-hazardous materials. Fitted with advanced flue gas cleaners, a WtE incinerator’s emissions are smoke-free, odourless and practically free of pollutants.

    In collaboration with our consortium of leading industry partners, we provide a comprehensive range of WtE treatment services, ranging from design consultancy and environmental impact assessment to maintenance, repair and overhaul programmes.

    Our WtE systems have long service lives, high throughput performance and efficient electrical consumption, enabling our customers to save costs and adopt environmentally responsible practices.

  • Landfill Management & Rehabilitation

  • Renewable Energy

    We deliver a wide range of renewable energy solutions, including wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy projects. We offer these services in various ways, such as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, as well as design, build, own and operate (DBOO contracts).

  • Projects - NEWater Factory

  • Projects - PWCS Tianjin Eco-City


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