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Vital to a Navy

As a provider of a comprehensive range of operations and support services to the navies and maritime security agencies, ST Engineering's Marine sector plays a crucial role in maintaining the readiness and generating the force of naval vessels for our customers.

We provide total and integrated logistics solutions in naval and para-military vessels. This includes their design, construction, refit and upgrades, thereby enhancing our philosophy in managing a vessel from cradle-to-grave and providing value-added services in training, maintenance and support.

We offer services via an integrated workforce and availability-based contracting concepts. Our complimentary services include material procurement, warehousing support services and repairs and maintenance of high speed diesel engines on the vessels.

Al-Ofouq series of patrol vessels

75m Patrol Vessel

Rescue, submarine support and rescue vessel

Submarine Support & Rescue Vessel

Products & Services

As a provider of a comprehensive range of support services, we play a crucial role in maintaining the readiness of naval vessels for our customers.

We believe in adding competencies to our products and services at every step of the way. Our through-life support packages enable us to stay competitive as we provide customers with value-added services throughout all stages of the shipbuilding, repair and post-service process.

We are one of the few shipyards in Asia with the capability to develop and provide full-spectrum through-life Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to meet customer specific requirements. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary ILS team is able to develop and deliver ILS according to international standards such as DEF STAN 00-600 or customise the ILS to suit specific customer requirements.

Services include:

  • Logistics support analysis
  • Spare support
  • Documentation development
  • Crew maintenance training
  • Obsolescence management


These services can be extended across the ship’s entire lifecycle configuration  management, the training of ship crews for familisation with the systems, proposing various maintenance requirements to improve the lifespan & lifecycle cost, and last but not least the minimising or eliminating system failure by identifying issues as early as possible.

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