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ITS World Congress 2019

ITS World Congress 2019

21-25 October 2019

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

Booth 163

Today, more cities are embracing intelligent transport systems to enable informed and sustainable transportation. Digitalisation has accelerated the convergence of artificial intelligence, analytics, communications and IoT technologies, paving the way for multi-modal transport management and an ecosystem of connected infrastructure and mobility solutions. Autonomous vehicles are also shaping the future of transport.

At ITS World Congress 2019 in Singapore, ST Engineering will be showcasing our suite of Smart Mobility capabilities and new solutions that shape the future of mobility. There will also be daily tech sharing sessions and insights from our thought leaders. Join us to find out how our road and rail solutions can help you to overcome urban city challenges, improve your operational efficiency and situational awareness while empowering commuters with information on-the-move.

Visit us Booth 163, Level 4, Exhibition Hall 401 - 406, at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre to discover more about our solutions in Autonomous Transport, Training & MRO Operations, Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Rail Solutions.



 Youth Leadership Development Programme

19 October 2019

Yao Shih Jih
General Manager, InfoComm, Electronics, ST Engineering

Entrepreneuring Transportation Business: Turning Problems into Opportunities


C-Level Forum on Mobility Solutions for Smart Cities

21 October 2019, 1.30 - 3.30pm
Nicoll 3
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre 

Chew Men Leong
Chief Marketing Officer, ST Engineering

An AI-based Intelligent Transport System concept for Smart Cities

 We will discuss how emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and video analytics will form the core enablers in ITS platforms and how these fast evolving developments can be used to forecast and manage traffic movement, improve responsiveness to traffic incidents and dynamic traffic demands, as well as enhance road safety and facilitate mobility around the city.


Autonomous Mobility Summit

24 October 2019, 1.30 - 3.30pm
Summit Room
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Dr Lee Shiang Long
President, Land Systems, ST Engineering

Panel Discussion: Autonomous Driving - State of the Art

The Autonomous Mobility Summit is organised by the Land Transport Organisation as part of ITSWC 2019. This full-day Summit will gather global thought leaders from the government, industry and academia to discuss the latest developments in autonomous mobility. Through various panel discussions, fireside chats and keynotes, the Summit will examine the current state of the art with respect to autonomous driving, assess its potential to shape the future of our cities, explore the key drivers that would accelerate the uptake of autonomous mobility globally as well as consider regulatory and investor perspectives on the sector. 



AV Demonstration at Float@Marina Bay 

Experience an autonomous and fluid travel, with neither a steering wheel nor pedals. Hop on to find out more about the application of our shuttles and enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of your travel time.

Demonstration hours:

22-24 October: 9am - 5.30pm
25 October: 9am - 2pm

 Book via the ITS World Congress Mobile App or at the Demonstration desk at Suntec.  


Experience the future of public transportation with ST Engineering today.

This tour takes participants to Sentosa, where they’ll get to ride on Singapore’s first on-demand autonomous shuttle bus. A collaboration between ST Engineering, Ministry of Transport and Sentosa Development Corporation, this autonomous shuttle service is part of a three-month public trial. Experience first hand how the bus navigates mixed traffic situations in an urban setting, communicates with road users and commuters, while providing a safe and smooth ride.  

 Technical Tour

Visit Innosuite - Uncover How Emerging Technologies Help Solve Complex Mobility and Smart Cities Challenges

25 October 2019
9am - 12pm

Come on board at InnoSuite as we share and discuss innovative ideas and solutions for smart, safe and sustainable cities. You will experience and learn how technology is making a quiet yet lasting impact for organisations and cities, and its citizens. From Data-driven Traffic Management Platform to Smart Metro Control Centre, from the world’s smallest 2 factor authentication data storage to our suite of in-house developed Cybersecurity products, from enabling district-wide sensing network to lamppost-as-a-platform, and a portfolio of our satellite and public safety and security solutions, the ability to harness technology will advance and effect the change, to make the world a better place. 


Technical Sharing Sessions

Don't miss our technical sharing sessions, held from 22-24 October 2019, 2.30-3.15pm at our ST Engineering booth.

22 October 2019

  • The Future of Autonomous  Transport
  • Enhancing Transport Safety and Operations through Technology-enabled Training

23 October 2019

  • Future Traffic Management
  • Mixed Reality

24 October 2019

  • Intelligent Bus Management System for Singapore Public Transport
  • Electric Vehicles

  • Autonomous Transport Solutions

  • Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Smart Rail Solutions

  • Training & MRO Operations