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ST Electronics and Defence Science & Technology Agency to Develop TeLEOS-2, the Next Generation Earth Observation Satellite

Singapore, 23 February 2017 – Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) announced today at the Global Space Technology Convention (GSTC) 2017, its partnership with Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) to develop the next generation Earth Observation Satellite, TeLEOS-2. Building on the successful completion and launch of TeLEOS-1, Singapore’s first made-in-Singapore commercial Earth Observation Satellite, this development will further propel the growth of Singapore’s space industry and strengthen ST Electronic’s position in the global space market.

Continued investment and built up of the space eco-system in Singapore

On behalf of the Government of Singapore (GOS), DSTA will work with ST Electronics to support GOS agencies such as Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and National Environment Agency for their satellite imagery requirements.

“The development of TeLEOS-2 represents yet another significant milestone for ST Electronics, and a major leap forward into the space business,” said Mr Ravinder Singh, President, ST Electronics. “It clearly demonstrates our strong capabilities in engineering and satellite technologies, and signifies our firm commitment to continue the investment and built-up of the Space eco-system in Singapore.”

TeLEOS-2 has a mass of about 750kg and will carry a made-in-Singapore Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload capable of providing 1-m resolution data. It will be equipped with a 500 Giga Bytes onboard recorder for recording the data captured and a high speed 800 Mbps down link.

The development of TeLEOS-2 will enhance ST Electronics’ commercial satellite imagery services, providing multi-modal and high responsive features* to its customers. While TeLEOS-1, with an electro-optical payload provides up to six daylight imaging opportunities daily along the equatorial belt, TeLEOS-2 with a SAR payload will provide 24x7 day and night, all-weather imaging opportunities. Customers will be able to tap on the complementary imagery services provided by ST Electronic’s electro-optical and SAR satellites.

Besides the sales of satellite imagery, ST Electronics also provides value-added services using intelligent big data analytics for applications in urban planning and infrastructure management for smart cities, environmental and resources monitoring for sustainability, humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) for emergency operation, maritime security and safety operation, and border and territorial water protection.

Partnership Agreement on Value-Added Maritime Services with the French Government Space Agency

To further widen its market reach and expand its value-added services in addressing the growing demand in services relating to maritime security, ST Electronics signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the GSTC 2017 with Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS), a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES).

Gaetan Fabritius, Head of Maritime Surveillance at CLS said, “We have a lot of expectations on the future of maritime surveillance services in Singapore and in Asia Pacific region that we would like to develop jointly with ST Electronics. The synergies between ST Electronics and CLS will allow us to develop new value-added services in order to enhance safety and security at sea, as well as protect and conserve the marine environment.” Since the 2000s, in its role as an operator and provider of value-added satellite services, CLS has been supporting both international authorities and private stakeholders in their missions of safety, security and marine environment protection. More information on CLS can be found at: and

Mr Singh added, “The partnerships we are announcing today highlight the progress of Singapore’s growing space industry, as we steadily enhance our commercial applications and value-added services for the market, while strengthening our collaborations with the government.”

* Notes to editor

Multi-modal refers to both SAR and EO imaging satellites. Higher responsiveness refers to the more imaging satellite passes (up to 15) in our region offers by NEO as compared to one to two imaging satellite passes in the Sun-Synchronous Orbit.

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