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Singapore, 19 October 2016  Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) is honored that its engineering achievement is recognised by the award of the President’s Technology Award to its group of dedicated engineers who designed, developed and put into commercial service the world’s first near equatorial orbit earth observation satellite, named the TeLEOS-1. The President’s Technology Award was given in recognition to research scientists and engineers in Singapore who have made outstanding contributions to research and development resulting in the invention or discovery of significant technology with industrial applications.

The TeLEOS-1 team comprising ST Electronics (Satellite Systems) Pte Ltd, DSO National Laboratories (DSO), Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing National University of Singapore (CRISP, NUS) and Satellite Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University (SaRC, NTU), received the award from President Tony Tan Keng Yam at a ceremony at the Istana last night. This President’s Technology Award is the result of our relentless pursuit of excellence in engineering and represents the pinnacle of our engineering accomplishment in Singapore.

The TeLEOS-1 earth observation satellite is one of the most complex and challenging engineering systems ever developed in Singapore. It was successfully launched and has been operating in orbit since 16 December 2015. The successful development, launch, in-orbit test and operation of TeLEOS-1, a 1-metre resolution satellite, are major steps forward in Singapore’s efforts to build indigenous capabilities in satellite systems.

The engineers in ST Electronics led in the design, development, system integration and test of the satellite, while DSO, and SaRC at NTU supported the project with their satellite engineering knowledge and resources. CRISP at NUS facilitated the image reception and processing system of the TeLEOS-1 satellite.

Since its successful launch and in-orbit testing, TeLEOS-1 has provided high resolution images of the equatorial belt – more frequently and under more varied sun lit conditions that are possible with other satellites of its class so far. The success of such satellites is dependent on the seamless integration of a myriad of components, technologies, engineering disciplines and systems in the hardware, software, and information domains; as well as the ability of the satellite to survive the launch and function reliably in harsh operating environments throughout their lifespan. TeLEOS-1 has a design lifespan of about five years.

For a system as complex as TeLEOS-1, countless things could go wrong during launch, deployment and operations. Yet, once launched and up in space, there is no chance of physical repair during its entire lifespan. The onus is on its project team to do whatever it could during the design and development stage to ensure the satellite’s functionality and reliability. The TeLEOS-1 project team therefore adopted meticulous, disciplined and stringent system engineering practices, ensured compliance with international quality standards, and paid great attention to details during the analysis, design, development and testing of the satellite system. To achieve a high degree of mission assuredness, the team developed high-fidelity modelling and simulation of the system, incorporated a high degree of fault tolerance in its design and implementation, and subjected the components, subsystems, software and entire system to rigorous functional and environmental testing.

“The success of TeLEOS-1 in space is the result of the professional conduct and hard work by the team members. We are very proud to be one of the winners of the President’s Technology Award 2016, and to be the first engineering team to be given the award. This will serve as a motivation and spur us further to pursue excellence in our engineering capabilities in the space industry through our future projects."" said Mr Ong Kien Soo, Vice President & General Manager, ST Electronics (Satellite Systems) Pte Ltd.""

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