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ST Kinetics Showcases Proven Solutions for Enhancing Mobility and Firepower at LAAD Defence & Security 2015

Rio de Janeiro, 14 April 2015 – ST Kinetics, the land systems arm of ST Engineering, is showcasing a range of proven defence solutions at LAAD Defence & Security (LAAD) 2015.

Speaking on the solutions showcased at LAAD 2015, Mr Patrick Choy, ST Kinetics’ Chief Marketing Officer, and who also heads International Marketing for the ST Engineering group said, “Many of ST Kinetics’ solutions today have been tested and proven internationally.  We have benchmarked our products to rigorous standards through the international programmes we had participated in and this puts us in a good position to offer quality solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements.”

Proven Mobility Upgrades

Enhancing the mobility performance of aged armoured platforms, ST Kinetics’ family of InfiniDrive™ HMX Infinitely Variable Transmissions offer significant drivetrain upgrades to armoured vehicles and engine ratings across a wide range of classes.  The InfiniDrive™ HMX3000 Transmission, for example, is designed for tracked vehicles up to 30 tonnes and engine ratings of up to 800HP.  Currently selected for the US Marine Corps’ AAV upgrade programme as part of SAIC upgrade solutions, the HMX3000 transmission delivers high power density in a lightweight design.  ST Kinetics’ InfiniDrive™ HMX Infinitely Variable Transmissions are ideal transmissions to enhance the mobility of armoured platforms, including the M113, AAV and other tracked and wheeled platforms.

Proven Firepower Upgrades
ST Kinetics’ 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS) is an automatic 120mm mortar delivery system that had been designed from the ground up to achieve a high rate of fire and ease of integration onto wheeled or light tracked platforms.  The 120mm SRAMS is able to achieve a high sustained rate of fire at 10 rounds per minute, while only requiring a lean crew of three men to operate it.  ST Kinetics has already successfully delivered the 120mm SRAMS, with a wheeled platform-mounted version already tested and proven in the field.

Proven 40mm Grenade Launchers and Ammunition Solutions

ST Kinetics is the leading global provider of 40mm solutions, offering a comprehensive range of 40mm weapons and ammunition from high velocity, low velocity, less than lethal to special purpose.  ST Kinetics is also the first in the world to produce the 40mm Low Velocity Extended Range Ammunition, 40mm Mechanical Self-Destruct Ammunition and 40mm Low Velocity Air Bursting Munition System.  Having sold its 40mm solutions to over 30 countries in the world, ST Kinetics is ready to equip armed forces with its proven and reliable solutions.  Counting Brazil as one of its global customers and with collaboration partners in North America and Asia, ST Kinetics has innovatively engineered its family of 40mm ammunition to deliver various types of payloads and effects, multiplying the lethality of the soldier on the ground to even armoured vehicles requiring instant on-demand response. 

ST Kinetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.  It is one of Asia’s leading land systems and specialty vehicles companies, delivering smart engineering solutions since 1967 for the commercial, defence and homeland security markets.  With 6,500 employees worldwide and revenue of over $1.4b in FY2014, ST Kinetics delivers products and solutions to end users in more than 40 countries around the world; helping to maintain the peace of nations and increasing the productivity of businesses involved in earthmoving, road construction and goods distribution.  Please visit for more information.

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