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Rio de Janeiro, 15 April 2015 – Technicae (Technicae Projetos e Serviços Automotivos Ltda.), a Brazilian subsidiary of ST Kinetics, debuts at LAAD Defence & Security 2015, showcasing its capabilities to provide smart Upgrade & Reset solutions and meet demands of Brazilian and Latin American militaries as well as  automotive companies for enhanced mobility and firepower. 

Debuting at the ST Engineering pavilion from 14 to 17 April 2015, Technicae presents its comprehensive range of automotive Upgrade and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) services tailored for Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

Technicae continues to build its credentials as an accomplished automotive modernisation and revitalisation provider in Brazil by securing several notable contracts and projects, including its recent contracts for the modernisation of the Brazilian Army’s Urutu 6x6 Armoured Personnel Carrier fleet and command shelters manufacturing and integration.  Technicae has also won a tender by the Brazilian Army for the revitalisation of Mercedes trucks.  In addition, Technicae has signed a distribution agreement with Oshkosh for the revitalisation of fire trucks.

Specifically for the Urutu platform, Technicae offers complete turnkey modernisation solutions for electrical systems, vehicle transmission and drivetrain, navigation systems and  firepower.  Technicae is also capable of modernisation solutions for the 6x6 Cascavel, another ageing armoured platform.

In addition, Technicae offers a complete modernisation package for the venerable M113, with complete revitalisation of the platform though enhanced suspension, upgraded driver control station, gun ports, bench seats and the InfiniDrive™ HMX transmission powerpack upgrade.

Enhancing mobility for aged armoured platforms, Technicae offers high value drivetrain upgrades based on ST Kinetics’ InfiniDrive™ HMX Inifinitely Variable Transmission for a wide range of heavy duty engine types.  

In terms of firepower upgrades, Technicae can modernise aged armoured platforms based on a range of small to large calibre weapon systems.  These include ST Kinetics’ ADDER family of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS), which offer single and dual-weapon configurations like the ADDER 40/762 RWS (40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher with 7.62mm Co-axial Machine Gun).  Larger calibre solutions include the ADDER 30mm RWS and even a vehicle-mounted 120mm automatic mortar solution like ST Kinetics’ 120mm SRAMS (Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System). 

“We are very pleased to have secured several notable contracts from the Brazilian Army and other commercial customers.  These contracts have shown Technicae’s expertise and capabilities in modernising and revitalising armoured and automotive platforms for Brazil and the rest of Latin America.” ~ Roberto PIÑA, Executive Director, Technicae

Established in 2012 in Brasilia, Brazil, Technicae (Technicae Projetos e Serviços Automotivos Ltda.) provides automotive maintenance, repair and overhaul services including automotive platforms revitalisation and modernisation projects, as well as related trade, import and export of parts and accessories for its predominantly military customers.  Technicae is a subsidiary of ST Kinetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd), the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of ST Engineering (Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd).  Please visit

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