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29,000 seniors to be given AIR+ Smart Masks

Singapore, 16 September 2015 – Temasek Cares and ST Engineering are giving AIR+ Smart Masks and Micro Ventilators to vulnerable elderly to protect them from harmful effects of severe haze. This programme is part of the Temasek Cares ‘Stay Prepared’ initiative to enhance the resilience of the Singapore community to cope with emergencies.

29,000 elderly aged 60 years and above, and staying in an HDB rental flat will be eligible to receive these masks.  Each elderly will receive a set of 3 AIR+ Smart Masks from the Senior Activity Centre in his/her area. The elderly may also loan an AIR+ Micro Ventilator from the Senior Activity Centre when needed. 

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was the Guest-of-Honour at COMNET @ Teck Ghee (Senior Activity Centre) today to give the masks to 100 elderly residents there.  Mr Lee guided the elderly on the correct way to wear the masks and use of the ventilators, and enouraged them to take care and be prepared.

Richard Magnus, Chairman of Temasek Cares, said: “The haze is at unhealthy levels. Our senior citizens are especially vulnerable. These locally-designed masks and ventilators will help them. For example, they do not have to miss their medical appointments.”

He added, “I would like to thank ST Engineering, Teck Ghee grassroots leaders and AMKFSC COMNET Senior Services for their prompt response in reaching out to the vulnerable seniors in the community”.

Vincent Chong, Deputy CEO (Corporate Development) of ST Engineering, said: “In designing the AIR+ Smart Mask, we focused our efforts on a new generation mask that provides better seal protection for all ages, yet at the same time, improve breathing comfort. ST Engineering remains committed to use its engineering and technical expertise to improve the lives of Singaporeans, particularly the elderly and the young.”

About the AIR+ Smart Mask and Micro Ventilator

Designed by Innosparks, an ST Engineering subsidiary, the AIR+ Smart Masks is the first certified N95 mask in the market that comes in three sizes.  The smallest size is generally suitable for children aged 7 years and above.  The detachable and rechargeable ventilator can be attached to the mask to help young children and the elderly to breathe more comfortably.  More information on the AIR+ Smart Mask and Micro Ventilator is available at

About the ‘Stay Prepared’ Initiative and the Temasek Emergency Preparedness (T-Prep Fund)

‘Stay Prepared’ is an initiative by Temasek Cares to help build the resilience of the Singapore community to cope with emergencies. It is supported by the T-PREP Fund which was set up in 2014 with an initial endowment of S$40m from Temasek, to commemorate its 40th anniversary. The value of the endowment was increased to $75m in April 2015 to support new programmes aimed at building up the resilience of Singaporeans and the community e.g. establishing a trauma network for the wider community and a central registry of community first responders.

‘Stay Prepared’ supports programmes that:

  • Help people in Singapore be ready for a range of emergencies
  • Build longer-term capability and capacity of the community in emergency preparedness
  • Provide assistance in emergencies
  • Complement national efforts and foster collaboration with private sector partners, voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and community groups to achieve emergency preparedness

As part of the ‘Stay Prepared’ initiative, Temasek Cares distributed the AIR+ Smart Masks and Micro Ventilators to 13,000 children from low-income families and those residing in Children’s Homes in April this year and distributed N95 masks to 1.2 million households nationwide to prepare the community for severe haze and a flu pandemic in 2014.

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About Temasek Cares

Temasek Cares CLG Ltd is a Temasek funded non-profit philanthropic organisation that aims to help improve the lives of underprivileged individuals, families and communities in Singapore; and to build the capability and capacity of all people in Singapore to be prepared for emergencies.

Set up in 2009 as an Institution of a Public Character, it works in partnership with various voluntary welfare organisations, non-profit organisations, government agencies, Ministries and other institutions to support programmes that contribute to the wellbeing, dignity, livelihood, and emergency preparedness of its beneficiaries.

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